vancouver island lifestyle maternity
April 25, 2016
hornby island lifestyle maternity | emi
  hornby island lifestyle maternity session i met emi at her lovely hornby home, & after a visit with the baby ...
hornby island lifestyle family photographer
March 11, 2016
  1 enormous herring spawn 2 new friends 100s of seagulls & a beach to explore = a whole lot of happy. ...
sea breeze lodge fall wedding
February 2, 2016
sea breeze lodge fall wedding | stacie & adam
  sea breeze lodge fall wedding stacie & adam love the outdoors. And their family & friends. And each other...
sea breeze lodge hornby island wedding
December 14, 2015
sea breeze lodge wedding | jerusha & rob
  sea breeze lodge wedding oh, late summer sunshine. Oh, glorious day. Oh, beautiful venue in amazing location. Oh,...
hornby island lifestyle family session (17)
August 30, 2015
hornby island lifestyle family celebration
  an early evening on hornby island, a sweet lifestyle family celebration session. i call my family/couple/newborn/...
hornby island bc wedding
August 30, 2015
hornby island bc wedding | claire & agustin
  a hornby island, bc wedding... a hot summer day, a gary oak grove overlooking the sea, friends & family from ...
March 28, 2015
vancouver island family photographer
Spring break. Dear friends. Beach walks & dips in the water.  
January 23, 2015
  The other day tess & i took a walk around helliwell. And she was happy to have me bring my camera (which doesn't...
December 12, 2014
intimate hornby island wedding | ryan & midori
  one of the greatest gifts there can be is the opportunity to stand back & watch our kids marry someone wonderful...
October 25, 2014
hornby island photographer | mccartys
  Now & then i get the opportunity to be a photographer right here at home, on hornby island. Better yet with a sw...
July 19, 2014
hornby island wedding photographer | jaimie & clay
  There are perks to being a wedding photographer on hornby island & it's a toss up as to which is more awesome......
July 17, 2014
hornby island engagement photographer | farrah & evan
  for me, it doesn't get much more lovely than this… 2 of the sweetest people, one of the most beautiful locations, a ...