hi, i’m jennifer


& i think photographs are MAGIc

I draw my inspiration & creativity

from life and all the

(im)perfect beauty wrapped within it.

It is in creatively seeing the uniqueness of your family, your wedding day & you yourself, that is the fine art of my work. And in capturing those moments as they unfold that is my documentary style.

I am currently living happily, in a cabin by the sea, with my husband Marc & our snowboard-loving-kid Tess… with 2 amazing grown ‘kids’ out in the world.

Oh so lucky me.

I fell in love with photographs when I was a child, spending hours pouring over old family albums (probably when i was supposed to be tidying my room). I was intrigued by the stories captured in those still frames, the people and places they held. The voices were gone but the feeling lived on.

Photography still fascinates me for much the same reason.

I am a documenter, a capturer, a lover of stories.

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double exposure of a pregnant woman and her man embracing with trees and beach exposed over them

detail of a bride's back & hair with her groom standing in the background

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