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2020 - website redo
2020 - website redo
2020 - website redo

creative + candid

documentary photography


extraordinary reminders

of the wonder in your life

serving hornby island

vancouver island + the comox valley

oh, hello there!

i'm jennifer...

i'm a hornby island documentary photographer

photographing families

weddings + Elopements + the moments in between

a little about me...

I fell in love with photographs when I was a child, spending hours pouring over old family albums (probably when I was supposed to be tidying my room). I was intrigued by the stories captured in those still frames, the people and places they held. The voices were gone but the feeling lived on.

Photography still fascinates me for much the same reason...

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looking down at a kid looking up into the camera with her hands in front of much of her face

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The perfect way to document a sweet slice of your time in this magical place you love

Time is fleeting.

And change happens in the blink of an eye...

newborns to toddlers, kids to teenagers,

teens to young adults. And on it goes until,

as adults, we sit back & wonder,

'where did the time go?'

The beauty of photography is it gives us

this amazing opportunity to capture time.

And wrapped within it,

our memories along the way.

And what better time to hold onto

than your holiday on hornby?

Sand between your toes,

salt water hair,

days away from work,

time to play, connect,

rest, rejuvenate.

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offering snapshot, lifestyle, adventure

and day-in-the-life sessions. So you can bring

your hornby holiday home with you, For all the years to come.

Did you know, your photographs

are a collaboration?

I bring my love of light and composition,

a deep sense of curiosity about the world around me,

a wonder and respect for all people and the love they share.

And you bring you. And your love.

And the moments unfold, as they do.

This is where the magic lies...

in creatively documenting the beauty of

your story, your love,

your life.

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honest + authentic visual



the joy & wonder of

your time on hornby island

whatever your celebration, let's photograph it...

documenting your authentic moments - creating a legacy of today

for all your tomorrows to come

"We just adore the photos.

You have blown us away. Completely and utterly.

Thank you for your wonderful kindness, your calm presence

and these incredible images which we’ll treasure.

You have an incredible talent for capturing the feeling that was there that day,

that’s just so special... a bit of magic!

A squillion thank yous."

charlotte & simon

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serving Hornby Island + vancouver island + the comox valley