hornby island beautiful rainy day wedding

hornby island wedding in the rain ~ emily & tyler’s beautiful rainy day wedding at the very lovely sea breeze lodge on hornby island.

most couples, when planning a summer wedding, plan on sunshine. They have a plan b, if the rains comes, but the aspiration is for sunshine. Same goes for emily & tyler. But when they woke up to rain, there was not a hint of cloudiness in their celebration. They were as bright & welcoming of their wedding day no matter what the weather brought. There is so much beauty in a rainy day wedding – those clouds are like a big soft box in the sky & help to keep the energy of the day contained, personal, a little quieter. And so it was for emily & tyler & their oh-so-lovely walk into marriage. They gathered their tribe of family & friends on the island that is dearest to their hearts, hornby island. A place they come every year & where they hope to come more & more often over the years; when kids come & summers can be shared with littles on the beach & in the forest, exploring the natural world & all it has to offer. So wrapped in the beauty of gentle rain, in a magical place, surrounded by love & support, emily & tyler promised their lives to one another. It was touching & tender. A walk down to the beautiful sandstone beach in front of sea breeze lodge with their best people, to play with umbrellas & soft light, kisses & rubber boots, lots of ease & grace. The speeches were a mixture of hilarious & heartwarming, the food was fabulous & the 1st dances were, well you’ll see it in the photos. What a day!

emily & tyler, thank you… thank you for your spirits & enthusiasm, for your open hearts & for welcoming me so warmly into your day. I wish you both heaps of love & happiness in the years to come. And i look forward to seeing you, here on hornby, summer into summer.

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hornby island elopement

a magical, very beautiful hornby island elopement.

it’s been a year & a half since jakub & jane decided to get married. To elope. To somewhere on vancouver island. A bit of a journey from their home in england. But they are travellers, these 2, & the west coast of canada was calling. About a year into planning, jakub contacted me about the possibility of photographing their walk into marriage. Emails & discussions followed, ideas about where to stay & where it felt right to get married. At some point i dropped hornby into the mix. And somehow, as if by magic, it all unfolded beautifully from there. They came, with packs on their backs, & stayed at one of the sweetest vacation rentals on the island. Jakub is a bee keeper & jane makes amazing handcrafted natural skincare products using the honey and beeswax from their hives. So it was fitting they found their hornby home at sumana garden nursery, where jodi & edward live with their families of bees.

trees mean a lot to jakub & jane. They featured in the readings in their ceremony. And so it was fitting they were married under 2 of the most amazing old growth trees in helliwell park. Surrounded by the grounded wisdom of ancient firs, jakub & jane promised their lives to one another. And there wasn’t a dry eye in the intimate gathering. They celebrated with a toast of mead from hornby’s local middle mountain mead & then we wandered around & through helliwell park, into the sunset & the rest of their lives together.

jakub & jane, it’s hard to express how honoured & delighted i am that i was invited along to witness & document your beautiful journey into marriage. And i look forward to seeing how your lives unfold in the years to come. And to when you wander back to our coast again, to find us on hornby & to celebrate the wonder of your time here. The beginning of your days as mr & mrs.

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  • Jakub Harding-Smolik

    Hi Jennifer,

    you might be hearing this all the time, but just like others before us must have said to you, we’re absolutely delighted with your amazing pictures! Honestly, they’re so beautiful! I can’t believe how well you tell the story and how wonderfully, gently and creatively you capture so much within such little time. I’m a tiny bit into photography myself, but I’ve only got to say: “wow!” And very honestly, I’m so jelous! :-)

    And by the way, where were you all the time we were out there? How did you manage to take such terrific pictures in such an unobtrusive way? You’re truly awesome!

    The great photography aside, thank you so much for everything you’ve done for us leading towards the special day. You’ve been all so helpful. If it weren’t for you, we wouldn’t have learned about Hornby in the first place, let alone gone there and discovered its charming places and met some of the delightful people who live there. Thank you for all the great tips and for going the extra mile (actually many miles) with us. You were not “just” our photographer, but also one of our witnesses, a bit of a wedding planner and now, may I say, a friend too. Thank you!

    You’ll always be in our hearts, so we’d love to stay in touch and hopefully see you again when we come back to Hornby one day. I guess we’ve got a ton of reasons to revisit…

    Jakub & JaneReplyCancel


hornby island lifestyle family photographer

hornby island family beach photos with kathryn & her kids

i’ve had the sweet pleasure of photographing kathryn & her kids over the years, when they fly back to the coast, back home, to spend time with family wrapped in the quiet beauty of hornby island. Even in the whirlwind of summer here, the days feel longer, more stretched out, in the lack of scheduling, the ease of lazy mornings & beachy afternoons. The light in the early evening is divine – warm & welcoming – & it has a way of wrapping itself around people like a cozy blanket that just feels right & looks amazing. So last week, kathryn & her littles & i wandered around grassy point, capturing some of their sweet moments, in the evening light, in this beautiful place that holds their hearts so dearly.

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gulf island rustic farm wedding

gulf island rustic farm wedding at the oh-so-beautiful outer island guest farm

emily & kyle have deep roots on hornby island. They have family here & a big part of their hearts live here, surrounded by the natural world they spend so much time exploring, & wrapped in the love of family. So it made perfect sense to hold their wedding celebration on kyle’s brother’s family farm. To have his sister-in-law’s father officiate, his niece & nephew carry flowers & rings, to spend weekends beforehand painting fences & tidying up the corners of karen & jed’s beautiful working farm. Their friends & family gathered around in so much love & support, & the day was a lovely mix of heaps of fun & deep touches of tenderness. Their day was filled with elements of hornby – the spaces & so many of the faces – the music & food, the rustic benches & big tent – all home grown right here on hornby. The day started early & went late & there was love, wonder & a touch of magic all the way along.

emily & kyle, it was nothing short of an absolute delight to follow you along on your walk into marriage. Heartfelt thanks to you both for sharing the journey so openly, so warmly with me. May the heat of the sunshine, the touch of early summer, the love flowing within & around you stay full in your hearts as the days pass. Heaps of love & happiness to you both.

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  • Jennifer, I know you hear this all the time but your works just so exquisite. To be able to capture all the emotion and magic of each and every moment is such a special gift and you do it so incredibly well. The joy and love on these faces made cry. It was truly such a special day and I just relived it. Thank you!! Love you!ReplyCancel


hornby island engagement photographer

hornby island engagement

jason has a long history on hornby island. He has family here & it’s been a big part of his life throughout the years. And in the last years, he & kimberley have made it a big part of their relationship. And it was in the sandstone caves at fords cove that he proposed to her. And so kimberley wanted to have their engagement session there. A sweet time to celebrate the beginning of their journey into marriage, wrapped in the place that means so much to them both. And so, on the morning of their wedding day, we met early & wandered along the sandstone, celebrating the last of their engagement, this sweet time before becoming mr & mrs.

here’s a little of that journey…

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