intimate vancouver island wedding

lisa & braden’s intimate vancouver island wedding

sometimes, even in the height of summer – when the sun usually shines hot & we seek the shade or the beach to cool ourselves – sometimes it rains. And sometimes it pours. And the earth gets a good long drink, the slugs come out & the world looks fresh again, colours drenched & vibrant in a mid-summer soaking. It was one of those days when i traveled over to royston on vancouver island to photograph lisa & braden’s walk into marriage. It was an intimate gathering, held in braden’s mom’s beautiful backyard. Oh-so-beautiful backyard. All the flowers were either grown there or foraged & picked along the roadsides & ditches that morning. When you know where to look & what to look for, there’s a whole lot of lovely awaiting. The three of us wandered the property, the ground squishy beneath our feet, the rain falling steadily from a heavy sky. No back-up plan for their outdoor wedding. Just hope. A little faith. And a lot of acceptance. Their ceremony was perfectly crafted with heartfelt skill by the wonderfully talented barbara densmore. The ceremony captured the spirit of these two… braden’s shyness & quiet groundedness, lisa’s love of life & people & her beautiful caring spirit, how much their family & friends mean to them. So they walked into marriage surrounded by all of that. All that love & connection. And the sky lifted & the rain stopped, dinner was served, kids played, stories were shared, there was cake & macarons, & before it was too late, lisa & braden danced, quietly together, under the twinkling lights, for the first time as husband & wife. And it all felt very right. And sweet. And quite perfect.

lisa & braden, thank you. Thank you for sharing your wedding day so openly with me. For your trust & tenderness. For all the kindness & fun. May it all carry on & deepen in the years to come.

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vancouver island lifestyle family session

i met up with michelle & patrick & their oh-so-delightful girls for a vancouver island lifestyle family session at cattle point in victoria. The day started out stormy, the forecast was for rain & we had some back & forths about rescheduling. But they decided to pack changes of clothes, their rubber boots & brave the storm all together. And, as the weather often does, things changed… the winds settled, the clouds lifted & even the sun made an appearance now & then. And i had so much fun following this little tribe around by the ocean & into the garry oak grove in uplands park across the road. There were a lot of laughs, some cuddles & a good dose of adventuring. What a clan!

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strathcona park lodge summer wedding

alexa & alastair’s mid summer wedding at the oh-so-fabulous strathcona park lodge

it was during that time of a west coast summer – when the days are still long, the sun shines hot & we’re grateful for breezes blowing in off the water – that alexa & alastair gathered together their international tribe of family & friends at strathcona park to celebrate their walk into marriage. It’s a bit of journey, getting there… a drive north up vancouver island, a turn towards the west coast at campbell river, & mid way across the island lies buttle lake, & at the edge of the lake lies the lodge, in the heart of one of the island’s premier parks. There’s no cell service, the vibe is laid-back & chill (much like alexa & alastair) & it was the perfect landing pad for their wedding day. As alexa said ‘i just want to get married surrounded by water & trees’. Their day was full of love, laughter, great food & even better company. The sun came & went, our hearts grew bigger with the sharing of their vows, & the night sky filled with starts while some epic dance moves filled the barn at the lodge. I can very honestly still feel the fullness in my heart & the smile on my face as i drove back to the east coast, in the late night/early morning hours, good music still ringing in my ears.

alexa & alastair, may your days & hearts be filled with all the warmth & caring shared on your wedding day, may the seas bring you great waves for riding & may your love continue to deepen & flourish in the years ahead as mr & mrs. Heartfelt gratitude to you both, for sharing a sweet slice of it all with me.

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  • John Hubbard

    Alexa and Alastair thank you for such a wonderful weekend, with awesome memories through these pictures. Pictures have captured the essence of this time of families, friends, and relatives, brought together in celebration of your wedding. Laughter, smiles, hugs, speeches, jokes, family reunions. For all of it, thank you! Wishing you the very best. Uncle John ❤️ReplyCancel


hornby island fine art documentary wedding photography

fine art documentary wedding photography – sunset wedding photos at the oh-so-stunning helliwell park on beautiful hornby island, bc.

emily & tyler’s amazing wedding at sea breeze lodge on hornby island (you can see their wedding photos here) went full tilt, full of fun & love, all day long. And the time they planned to put aside to drive out to helliwell for photos was spent, instead, celebrating with their family & friends. And so we met up for a day-after session (well a week-after session to be precise)… they got all dressed up again & full of their just-married-delight-&-love, we wandered around the park into &through the sunset. It was all a bit of magic. And a whole lot of beautiful…

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bodega ridge wedding

kailey & matt’s most epic & amazing bodega ridge wedding on galiano island, bc.

sometimes it’s hard to find the words. How to describe a wedding day, a celebration, a walk into marriage? And it’s like that for me now, with kailey & matt’s oh-so-fabulous bodega ridge wedding on galiano island. But 2 words do keep coming to mind… epic & amazing. When i think of the love that was shared, all of the laughter, the ease & elegance, the kinship & connectedness kailey & matt share with their tribe of friends & family, their graciousness & omg the dance moves, it all seems beautifully & fully held in epic. And amazing. And so i will leave it at that & let the photos tell the story… of the coming together of two families & many friends, of two fabulous people walking into the rest of their days together. It all started the night before, feasting & sharing, & the love carried on from there…

kailey & matt, thank you. Thank you for sharing you & all of this, with me. Thank you for the incredible ride.

we begin this journey traveling onto galiano island, en route to bodega ridge & kailey & matt’s friday evening gathering featuring paella & some heartfelt & hilarious speeches (a fantastic way to start off their weekend of celebrating). Following are the photos, from morning ’til night, of their fantastic wedding day.

hang on for the ride…

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