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kirsten & andrew

i could have photographed kirsten’s eyes all day. But then she married andrew. And the connection between the two of them was so honest & deeply lovely, that it was easy to get swept up in their moments together. And all of it a complete joy to capture. Here’s a taste of their celebration…View full post »

tricia & mark – vancouver island wedding photographer

tricia & mark fill me with hope. It was so inspiring photographing 2 people who you just know are going to make it through their life journey together – side by side – with understanding & caring & a whole lot of joy, love & happiness. Here’s a taste of what i witnessed…View full post »

facebook contest

i know, i’m a bit of a facebook slug. But i’m learning. It’s good for me to head into what i’m unsure of & slightly afraid of – the realm of social media. Oh my. So now there is a competition being put on by lovestruck bridal show in vancouver. There is only 1 prize & it’s a booth at their show in vancouver in october worth $1500. Very cool. The contest goes like this… we choose a photo we think best shows a moment of true love & then askView full post »

a few favourites from 2010…

i’m a part of an online photography forum – great inspiration, great pro help, encouragement, fun. We were just asked to choose 3 favourite photos from 2010 & post them on our blog. How to choose? I’m sure if i had to do this once a week, my choices would change, depending on my mood, how quirky i was feeling, the feel of the light coming in my window. But for tonight, these are the 3 i chose… 2 sweet weddings & 1 of my favorites of 2 of my favorite people.View full post »

wedding highlights 2010 – vancouver island wedding photographer

most truly, one of the greatest gifts of my job is being given the honour of photographing couples walking into marriage. I am continually amazed by each couple’s open-hearted willingness to let me stand back & capture their wedding day unfolding – the moments of anticipation & wonder, of vows taken & given, family relationships & the kinship of dear friends, all the details, the celebration & fun, joy & honesty, the tears, laughter & love shared. AndView full post »