fall wedding sea breeze lodge hornby island

paresa & ben’s gorgeous fall wedding at the oh-so-fabulous sea breeze lodge on hornby island

it was the thanksgiving weekend & paresa & ben gathered their tribe of fantastic at the fabulous sea breeze lodge on hornby island. And there was a lot to give thanks for… all the love, caring & support, the coming together of two wonderful families, the tears of joy, peals of laughter & damn fine dancing deep into the night.

paresa & ben are two of the kindest people i’ve met. When the day brought rain, torrential west-coast rain, they rode through it all with ease & grace & so much tenderness. It bodes well on how they’ll face the storms that life can bring in the long years of a marriage ahead. And out on the cliffs of helliwell, with a few minutes on our own, the sun came out. Just then, just for that short time. And it shone down on paresa & ben as though it were intentional. As though it were just for them. A sign. As sweet as the two of them. And then onto shotgunning beer in the parking lot. I do love me some unexpected extremes.

paresa & ben, it was nothing short of fabulous to get to follow you through your walk into marriage. Thank you, for welcoming me so warmly all along the way. Here’s a little look back at your time all together. At your fantastic wedding day celebration…

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hornby island winter elopement

leah & bruce’s hornby island winter elopement

all too often, when we think of weddings, we think of the long days of summer & large gatherings of loved ones. But some folks break tradition. People like leah & bruce. Who came to hornby for a weekend in november, with their fur baby jack, & along with their marriage commissioner (the oh-so-lovely helen onorah), my sweet mom & me, they walked into marriage in the most beautiful way, their way. The forecast called for rain & wind & they decided to go ahead with their ceremony under the old growth trees in helliwell park in spite of it. And as the weather often does, it did the unexpected. The storm clouds blew by in the winter winds & carried their cargo elsewhere. And the light, the sky, the forest, all of it was as beautiful as leah & bruce & the promises they made to one another. It’s an incredible honour to not only be asked to document a wedding day, but to witness it. And so i hold these two very warmly in heart & mind. And when & if the struggles of a marriage come, i’ll remind them of this day, their wedding day, & the vows they shared together.

leah & bruce… may your days together be filled with the wonder of your november day – of green grass, the wild west coast, of elders in the shape of trees, the newness of a family of three, the promise of all that lies ahead. Heaps of love & happiness to you on your shared journey. xo

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  • Darshan

    Such a lovely story told so well. Makes my heart smile!ReplyCancel

  • casey

    this made me cry
    grandmother & grandfather trees

  • Absolutely beautiful….the emotions you caught, Jennifer, are so loving and heart warming. congratulations to the lovely couple.ReplyCancel

  • Courtenay

    Made me cry as well! the poetry and stories in your images are always magic…ReplyCancel

  • Courtenay

    Made me cry as well! the poetry and stories in your images are always magic…ReplyCancel


gulf island wedding

kelsey & andrew’s gulf island wedding at the beautiful poets cove resort on south pender island.

it was one of those still-hot end-of-summer days with a calm sea & wide open skies. A perfect day for gathering two fabulous families & a resort full of friends to celebrate kelsey & andrew’s journey into the land of mr & mrs. I laughed so much that day. The stories of andrew’s youth, the adventures these two have been on together, setting up a group wedding party photo & suddenly, the bridesmaids are climbing a giant maple tree, gathering the groomsmen was like herding cats, time flew by & it was all so.much.fun. I wish there was a soundtrack to go along with these photos – the tales that were shared & all the laughter. It was brilliant. You’ll have to imagine it, wrapped in the sunshine, in the love shared…

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hornby island lifestyle maternity

hornby island lifestyle maternity session with willow & joe & eddie.

it doesn’t seem that long ago that i photographed willow & joe’s epic walk into marriage – ‘wedding fest’ – right here on hornby. It was a great way to get to know these two amazing people. Since then, their lives have taken them to new zealand, joe’s home country & where willow trained & worked as a midwife for a couple of years. And where wee eddie came to join their journey. They found their way back to hornby, though, where willow’s family has had land & gatherings for decades. Where they started their journey as mr & mrs. And where they came to settle as a family. I captured a few moments of their lives then, when they were just settling in, making their home together. And now, there’s another little on the way. And their roots here are growing deeper, stronger. And our community is all the richer for having them. Our lives that much fuller, sweeter.

in the coming weeks, we’ll meet this babe who’s going to turn their trio to a quartet. Who will turn their lives upside down & blast their full hearts wider open still. Lucky little, coming to spend their days & nights with these three. Blessings all around. And so much love.


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  • Lorena Madill

    Jennifer, these photos are so beautiful. You’ve captured the spirit and love of this little family. You are truly marvellous at your craft.ReplyCancel


grouse mountain vancouver bc wedding

grouse mountain vancouver bc wedding

oh, hot summer sunshine. Oh, sweet amazing people in love. Oh, big, wonderful international tribe of family & friends. Oh, the beauty of lynn headwaters regional park & queen elizabeth park. Oh, the spectacular heights & wonder of grouse mountain. Oh, daisy & adam & their most tender & fun walk into marriage…

there was so much laughter, so much caring, so many wide open hearts. There was a tradition where the groom had to guess what his bride’s wedding dress might look like & draw it in lipstick to get the approval of her clan, a traditional tea ceremony, heartfelt vows, tears of joy, the joining of two fabulous families, good food, beautiful views, speeches that had us laughing & crying & laughing again, a twinkling city, amazing dance moves &, at the heart of it all, there was daisy & adam. Two of the kindest, sweetest, fun-loving-est people i have met. And all that beauty around them was a reflection of their hearts & minds, their beautiful spirits. And it was a day of celebrating all of that. All of them. And all the wonder that lies ahead.

daisy & adam, thank you. Thank you for taking me along on your journey into marriage. Thank you for sharing all that you are with all of us. The world is a brighter place because of it. Because of you. Heartfelt happiness to you both in all the years of union that lie ahead.

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