vancouver island engagement | alana & andrew


vancouver island engagement – a session with alana & andrew at the oh-so-lovely neck point park in nanaimo.

i first met alana & andrew on a hot summer’s day in tsawassen to chat about all-things-wedding-&-photo. A bird pooped on me during our meeting on an outdoor patio. And alana, not fazed at all, took my napkin & cleaned up the offering on the back of my shirt. Having a client who’s a nurse can be a real bonus. I took the pooping as a sign of good things to come (silver lining & all that). And it was! Collaborating with these two was as sweet & easy as it gets. The day called for rain. But they took the ferry over to nanaimo, got changed in my westy, snuggled under an umbrella with big smiles for all of 5 minutes. And then the rain stopped. The umbrellas got put away & the smiles remained. We wandered around & through neck point park (SO beautiful) – they climbed cliffs & rocky outcroppings, snuggled in amongst the daffodils, laughed & kissed & laughed some more. So much love. And fun. And it all makes me that much more excited for their wedding, coming in june. Here’s a little wander through our afternoon together…

vancouver-island-bc-engagement-vancouver-island-bc-engagement-couple on a cliff topvancouver-island-bc-engagement-couple embracing in the sun & rainvancouver-island-bc-engagement-couple snugglingvancouver-island-bc-engagement-couple on a cliff edge overlooking the oceanvancouver-island-bc-engagement-couple kissing on the beachvancouver-island-bc-engagement-couple kissing on the beachvancouver-island-bc-engagement-couple laughing by the oceanvancouver-island-bc-engagement-couple laughing by the oceanvancouver-island-bc-engagement-couple snuggling vancouver-island-bc-engagement-couple in front of a forestvancouver-island-bc-engagement-couple snuggling an intimate momentvancouver-island-bc-engagement-couple kissingvancouver-island-bc-engagement-couple walking by a rocky beach vancouver-island-bc-engagement-couple overlooking the ocean by a rocky outcroppingvancouver-island-bc-engagement-couple embracing by a rock facevancouver-island-bc-engagement-couple walking to the ocean holding handsvancouver-island-bc-engagement-couple embracing with the ocean behind themvancouver-island-bc-engagement-couple kissing by the oceanvancouver-island-bc-engagement-couple kissing by the oceanvancouver-island-bc-engagement-couple laughing in a mossy grovevancouver-island-bc-engagement-couple laughing in a mossy grovevancouver-island-bc-engagement-couple kissing in a mossy grovevancouver-island-bc-engagement-man kissing a woman’s cheek tenderlyvancouver-island-bc-engagement-couple laughingvancouver-island-bc-engagement-couple embracing on a cedar fencevancouver-island-bc-engagement-couple walking on the beach with the ocean & forest around themvancouver-island-bc-engagement-couple embracing by arbutus treesvancouver-island-bc-engagement-couple laughing & snuggling by an arbutus treevancouver-island-bc-engagement-man piggy backing a woman by the oceanvancouver-island-bc-engagement-man piggy backing a woman with the ocean in the backgroundvancouver-island-bc-engagement-couple silhouetted by a dramatic skyvancouver-island-bc-engagement-couple silhouetted by a dramatic skyvancouver-island-bc-engagement-couple silhouetted by a dramatic skyvancouver-island-bc-engagement-couple holding hand on a rocky ridgevancouver-island-bc-engagement-couple kissing on a rocky outcroppingvancouver-island-bc-engagement-woman with her arms wrapped around her fiancévancouver-island-bc-engagement-couple laughing & embracingvancouver-island-bc-engagement-a look out over the water from the beach