christiane & simon

a little hit from christiane & simon’s amazing day. Many more to come…View full post »

keeley & chris

i’m thinking back on keeley & chris’ day. Searching for the words to describe how i witnessed their walk into marriage. And i’m finding it difficult to describe ‘magic’… that vibrant-amazing-something that happens sometimes when two people, their family & friends, gather to celebrate their love for & commitment to one another. It’s like wonder, delight, sparkle, calm, sweetness & heart-wide-open wonderment all rolled into one incredibleView full post »

keeley & chris

just beginning to work through the photos from keeley & chris’ amazing wedding & came across this series. And wanted to share…View full post »

anita & hayden

beautiful day, fabulous people, a heartfelt celebration filled with delight, laughter, sweet intimacies & rich love. Meet anita & hayden, their family & friends…View full post »

shawna & craig

shawna loves vintage. And photography. And hand crafted details. And craig & their kids, her family & friends. And craig loves shawna. And their kids. His family & friends. And they both love a lot of fun. And are steeped in a very deep & very real love & appreciation for one another & all they have together. Their wedding was a joy to witness & a heaps of fun to photograph. A taste from their beautiful day…View full post »

the fraser-lukinuk family

late afternoon sunshine, some music, bubbles & a walk to the beach… sweet, sweet family, lots of laughter & fun…View full post »

happy birthday, grandpa

tess, discovering the wonder of candles & cake…View full post »

caeleen & carl

caeleen & carl walked into & through their wedding day with grace, humour & heartfelt appreciation – for their family gathered there, for the support of friends, for the love they share together. I have tremendous faith that these two have many years of deepening love & happiness together. And that the years will all be an amazing adventure. Hang on & enjoy the ride, you two…View full post »

lauren, jeff & mr. mason

i had the very great pleasure of photographing lauren & jeff’s wedding last september. Lauren was 5 months pregnant then & they were so excited about their big day & that their baby was a part of it all. Unexpected delights. And here they are now… almost 10 months later, with mason just days from his 5 month welcome-to-the-world. A big bundle of love & fun. So many smiles & all that lovely chunka-chunka baby delight. Here’s a little look in at the paulView full post »

Hello world!

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tomorrow you’ll be 2

sleep well, dear tess. Thank you for 729 days of wonder. Delight. Mountains of love & happiness. More fun than i could have imagined. Laughter. Awakening. You. All of you. May we all get so much more.View full post »

kelly & dean

sometimes it’s hard to find the words to describe a day, a celebration, the people gathered. And so it is with kelly & dean. My writing won’t capture the richness of the moments of delight & wonder, the ease & grace of these 2 amazing people ‘finally’ (they said over & over) walking into marriage, of all the silliness & laughter, the lightness & fullness of the love shared by & with family & friends. What i can say, is how honoured i wasView full post »

today 5pm

tess’ first paddle…View full post »

laura & gerry – hornby island wedding photographer

laura & gerry were married at seabreeze lodge, happily surrounded by family & friends. Amazing venue run by great people, fabulous weather, good food, lots of laughs & a band that kept them dancing into the night. And laura & gerry moved through it all with grace & delight, with their hearts open & so much love for one another & all who came to celebrate with them. It was wonderful to watch, to capture, to walk through along with them…View full post »

the kaback-mills

meet andrea & david & the house of small girls… it is always an honour to be asked to photograph friends – to be invited into their world in a different way, with the intention of stepping back to see their moments & relationships unfold & capturing little pieces of that wonder & magic. And creative folks are truly such a blast to photograph – nothing posed or staged or wished for – just free license to explore in photographs moments in time, a pieceView full post »

kirsten & andrew

i could have photographed kirsten’s eyes all day. But then she married andrew. And the connection between the two of them was so honest & deeply lovely, that it was easy to get swept up in their moments together. And all of it a complete joy to capture. Here’s a taste of their celebration…View full post »

tricia & mark – vancouver island wedding photographer

tricia & mark fill me with hope. It was so inspiring photographing 2 people who you just know are going to make it through their life journey together – side by side – with understanding & caring & a whole lot of joy, love & happiness. Here’s a taste of what i witnessed…View full post »

anne & heidi – vancouver island engagement photographer

spring sunshine, a taste of summer, new growth, bare feet, traveling flowers, soggy saltwater sandals, lots of silliness & joy & laughter & so much love & caring. A little taste of the delight that is anne & heidi…View full post »