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“my very own fiddle”

i wish i had a photo of the look on tess’ face as we walked out of the music store with her carrying her “very own fiddle” in her hands. Hopefully it’s etched in my mind for a very long time. And i have these ones to remember the first time she took it out to play. A new baby born, a new fiddle, wrena to teach her how to hold it & the most incredibly heartwarming screeching i’ve ever heard. And she’s been banging away on it ever since…View full post »


she’s a beauty. My youngest niece. And i love her to bits…View full post »

uschi & kay feature

i am very honoured to have anna & andy’s beautiful wedding featured on Uschi & Kay, a gorgeous all-canadian wedding blog. I love what gaelan has to say about what drew her to feature their celebration – the fact that anna & andy focused not so much on the details of the day but rather on their love & commitment to one another & to their family & friends gathered with them. Please stop by her gorgeous site for a visit. You just might get hooked! (simply clickView full post »


home birth, new life, day 2

the day after the first day. More love, more wonder…View full post »

vancouver island birth story newborn photography

home birth, new life, day 1

my niece chelsea was born in my childhood bedroom the year i graduated high school. Watching my sister go through labour, in our home, supported by her husband, her family & 2 amazing midwives, was a life changing experience for me. This was years before ‘legalized’ midwifery, when pregnant women were considered radical for doing what is absolutely normal in most of the world, & when the women who were supporting them were deemed ‘not skilled enough’ to helpView full post »

herring run

on hornby, we know it’s spring when the herring runs. Leaving their eggs & spawn, opaque turquoise bays, foamy shore lines, seaweed rich with roe, the sea lions drunk on so much abundance. The gulls & eagles gather for the feast & the herring fishery moves through, everyone taking what they can. It seems miraculous they come year after year, that any of them manage to make it through all the levels of attack. They made it again this year. And spring is here…View full post »


a sunny day. A cool north wind blowing. A beautiful young woman starting on a new path. All the makings for a creative & fun filled afternoon. Thank you, tici…View full post »


a walk to the coop. Part way there & then back for her bike. “When i get bigger & can balance on my push bike, i’ll get a peddle bike & ride up the mountain with you & papa”. She’s 2 1/2. And we have the most amazing conversations. And so much fun. Everyday my heart expands a little bigger, wider, fuller.View full post »

kind words

i received this email from silk the other day & thought i’d share… “jennifer, your photos of my pregnancy captured a very special moment in time, and turned it into art. Each image is like a window into the heart, illuminating all the love and excitement of that moment. Each is shot perfectly, intuitively, and edited so they burst with ripe, gorgeous summer light. They are simply exquisite, a treat for the eyes. I consider your photos a legacy of love and artistry for myView full post »


“when i get big, i’ll take pictures of people getting married. WE can get married & i can take pictures.”View full post »

accordion books

new for 2012… 3.5″ x 5″ 7-panel accordion books. They now come standard with all engagement sessions & all-inclusive wedding packages. Each book is custom designed & printed using premium press printed card stock and hand made covers. In the industry, they’re known as brag books… a great way to carry around photos from your day in your car, bag or purse, to show off some favourite moments from your session. And they make great gifts, a personal thank youView full post »

save-the-date & thank you cards

thank you cards are 5″x7″ folding cards & save-the-dates are 5″x7″ 2-sided. Custom designed with your favourite photos from your engagement session & wedding celebration. front inside back front back front inside back front backView full post »

2011 – wedding moments

i can’t say favourites. Not even highlights. Simply a series of moments from the weddings i was blessed to witness & capture in 2011. Moments that caught my eye at the time of capture & that still hold my heart when i see them today. Moments that speak of a couple’s day, of their love & commitment to one another, of the joy & celebration around them, of their family & friends. Moments of delight & silliness, sweet intimacies, grace, humour &, above allView full post »

alex & travis

on sunday i traveled to alex & travis’ home in fanny bay. They are in the midst of a major reno, have had ben (their 3 month old & utterly gorgeous great dane) for only 3 weeks, & are just a week away from alex’s due date. And not a hint of stress anywhere. Truly, very inspiring. Wrapped in all of that was their ease & happiness for this new life beginning. And one of the sweetest connections i’ve had the joy to photograph. Many thanks to you both for sharingView full post »

featured on Style Me Pretty Canada

i am honoured & delighted to have keeley & chris’ gorgeous wedding featured on Style Me Pretty Canada. Style Me Pretty is one of the world’s best wedding blogs & they have featured weddings by photographers whose work i love & admire. Feeling pretty giddy about this. & because a post isn’t complete with a photograph… or a few… here are keeley & chris…View full post »

sweet new love

i have had the absolute pleasure of photographing braea & eben’s walk into marriage, the fullness of their pregnancy just a few weeks ago, & on sunday, day 10 of sweet mclaren may’s arrival into the world. Such delight. All of it. The journey. Watching the love they share bloom into such an amazing little creation, such glorious delight, such wonder. To see them so full of love & affection for this new little being, this sweet soul come to share their days. And ours. ItView full post »

2011 – celebration sessions & some moments in between

it’s an interesting exercise to look back through my photographic year & see which photos jump out at me now. It changes day to day, i’ve noticed. And if i were to do this post next week, i’m sure it would look very different. most often when i blog, i post with clients in mind… a selection of photos that will give them a taste of what we captured of their day, of our time together. And also what prospective clients may want to see – what photographs tell theView full post »

chelsea & nila

not all my sessions get blogged. Life gets full & busy & some pass by without my ever posting them. It has everything to do with time & nothing to do with how much i like the photographs. Here’s one that passed me by… a hot summer afternoon, at the playground with chelsea & nila. It feels lovely to have a warm hit of summer sunshine while i sit, wrapped up in wool, at my wintertime desk. very often my favourite photographs are the ones where no one’s looking atView full post »

intuition & resistance… or a morning with the freedman family

earlier in the fall i received an email. A family was coming to hornby all together to celebrate the holidays & wondered if i could possibly do a session with them all on dec.24th. I always say no to holiday jobs. I have kids & a big extended family & it’s a sweet time of year to take a break from all things work’ish. And yet, i said yes, i’d be happy to photograph them all when they were here. Intuition. fast forward to the 23rd… the rains come. It’sView full post »