young pregnant woman sitting on a picnic bench with her young son hugging her pregnant belly-hornby island lifestyle maternity session

hornby island lifestyle maternity session | sharalin

sharalin’s hornby island lifestyle maternity session my gentle, powerful, kind, determined, strong, open-hearted, oh-so-beautiful niece sharalin & her sweet little man, in the days before the arrival of their newest little. Wrapped in the warmth of hornby’s late summer sunshine & right here at our little cabin by the sea. so much love to you all, my dear bean. Thank you. For all you are. With all of us. And for the gift of your 2 amazing little guys. And that fabulous big guy,View full post »

hornby island wedding in the rain | emily & tyler

hornby island wedding in the rain ~ emily & tyler’s beautiful rainy day wedding at the very lovely sea breeze lodge on hornby island. most couples, when planning a summer wedding, plan on sunshine. They have a plan b, if the rains comes, but the aspiration is for sunshine. Same goes for emily & tyler. But when they woke up to rain, there was not a hint of cloudiness in their celebration. They were as bright & welcoming of their wedding day no matter what the weather brought.View full post »

hornby island photographer | mccartys

Now & then i get the opportunity to be a photographer right here at home, on hornby island. Better yet with a sweet family who are also good friends. And then when everything unfolds rather perfectly… helliwell park in the early evening, beautiful light, the lingering warmth of summer, fabulous people, good connections, a whole lot of lovely & it all leads to some sweet captures, i’m left wondering, how’d i get to be so lucky? view full post hereView full post »

hornby island family photographer | a gathering of mulhulls

a gathering of mulhulls, at their beautiful home on hornby island, generations, siblings, cousins, 3 new babes on the way, warm summer sunshine all wrapped up in heaps of love makes for a very sweet evening for this family loving photographer. Life is good. many thanks to you all for sharing your time, your fun, your family’s wonderfulness with me. What a joy. view full post hereView full post »

galiano island wedding photographer…. & this kind of lovely

from the incredible Bodega Ridge on Galiano Island, BC. Check them out!View full post »


a sunny day. A cool north wind blowing. A beautiful young woman starting on a new path. All the makings for a creative & fun filled afternoon. Thank you, tici…View full post »

Hello world!

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tomorrow you’ll be 2

sleep well, dear tess. Thank you for 729 days of wonder. Delight. Mountains of love & happiness. More fun than i could have imagined. Laughter. Awakening. You. All of you. May we all get so much more.View full post »

simply sunday

a taste of spring. sunshine. sand.View full post »