hornby island documentary photographer | macdonald family

perhaps the biggest joy about being a documentary family photographer on hornby island is getting to meet up with the same families year after year. Families who travel to hornby to holiday & get away from their busy city lives. I’ve been photographing this fabulous family since their girls were wee. And now, they’re teenagers, finding their way in the world, discovering who they are & what they love. Which includes a lot of music making & soccer playing. These two have become rockstars in their own right. And it’s a joy & an honour to watch them grow over the years. Plus their parents are heartfelt & hilarious. Always lots of laughs wrapped up in all the love.

here’s a little look into what we captured during their early evening lifestyle session – a walk on the beach, some guitar playing, mad soccer skills, monopoly & puzzles. I may have overstayed my time. Just a little…