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window light

If today, like every other day we wake up empty and frightened. We don’t have to open the door to the study and begin reading. We can take down a musical instrument. Let beauty be what we do there are hundreds of ways to kneel and kiss the earth RumiView full post »

this just happened…

she’s 3 1/2. Today she wanted to ride her pedal bike. And so she did.View full post »

new year’s day

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snowwoman in the world-of-tess, perhaps the best thing about snow is eating it. Here she is busy ‘making ears’.View full post »

emmy & aaron

emmy & aaron are dear friends. And they will be wonderful parents. Their wee ones are due in january. And i’m oh so excited to see who is coming to share their days. They are also the dynamic duo behind e/a photography. You can see their beautiful work here. So i was honoured & a little nervous when they asked me to photograph this amazing time in their lives. Our afternoon together was a lovely mix of fun & silly, heartfelt & tender, honest & real, just like emmyView full post »

vancouver island newborn photographer

baby hayden

week 2 with baby hayden, his beautiful mama sharalin, & a little tess, too. So hoping we get to see you again at christmas. view full post hereView full post »

bride and groom under an umbrella

more heidi & paul

in some cultures it’s a blessing to have rain on your wedding day. I don’t know how much the rain had to do with it, but heidi & paul’s day was blessed, indeed. Blessed with rain, with their sweet family & amazing friends, with the delight of kids, with heaps of love & fun & great food, all tucked in a beautiful venue brought to vibrant life with heidi’s creative vision. And blessed with the promise of a life given to one another. heidi & paul, itView full post »

lea & andrew

when it comes to photographs, don’t be afraid of the rain. Sometimes that’s when magic happens. This happened saturday… lea & andrew, i am so excited for your wedding next year. It’s going to be amazing & a complete joy to photograph.View full post »

vancouver island newborn photographer

lives lived & lost – a day of thanks & remembrance

some days are big. Yesterday we gathered with friends & community to say goodbye to & celebrate the life of an amazing & dear friend & community member. Lots of tears, shared grief, the celebrating of an incredible life lived & lost, beautiful stories, pictures & food shared. The loss of arnie will change the weave of our community fabric forever. Some people are like that. And then a  gathering with my family in the late afternoon, my niece is here with her brand newView full post »

bride and groom together in garden

lynne & jay

lynne & jay wanted their photographs to capture the spirit of their wedding day – their love & joy of being together, of sharing their days with their little man henry, of having their dearest friends & family around them to celebrate their walk into marriage, of all the mingling & dancing & getting-to-know-one-another, the beauty of hornby island, the casual fabulousness of seabreeze lodge, the music of amani marimba & how they call us to move, the speeches thatView full post »

bride and groom embracing in a forest

suzanna & andrew

i was photographing a wedding last night & one of the guests said to me, “you must get tired of weddings, being at so many”. My answer was a very honest, “no, not ever”. Two reasons came to mind… 1. i believe in marriage. I love having the honour of witnessing & capturing a couple promising their lives to one another. Wedding days are easy days for those vows to be spoken & shared – a couple is deeply in love, either rather newly or, after yearsView full post »

bride and groom

crystal & nick

crystal & nick created a wedding day that was an amazing reflection of their relationship, the love of their families, the support of their friends, their impeccable style, sense of humour & commitment to having a great time. And so they all did. A fantastic celebration. And one that was a true delight to document, from the sweet anticipation of getting ready to rocking it out on the dance floor… venue – glendale gardens/horticultural centre of the pacific, victoria,View full post »

bride and bride

anne & heidi

i first met up with anne & heidi for their engagement/celebration session last may (you can see all the fun we had here). And because they live in ontario, & their wedding was set for this august, i’ve had to wait over a year to reconnect with them both in person. So worth the wait! All the ease & fun & love i experienced with them during their engagement, was out in full force on the day they walked together into marriage. It was such a sweet day – totally laidView full post »

bride and groom black and white

tiffany & rich

tiffany & rich are sweet & funny, deeply in love, wonderfully at ease, lovely parents & great friends. They shared their beautiful day with family & friends & everything shone brightly in the warm summer sun. It was a joy to follow them both through their wedding day, documenting the moments of love & laughter that flowed on & on. To tiffany & rich, i wish you continued, deepening love & happiness on your life journey together. What a wonderful rideView full post »

bride and groom in a forest with sunlight shining through the trees

karen & james

from the sublime to the ridiculous. And everything in between. Heart-wide-open love filled moments flowing into silliness & all the delight found between it all. karen & james’ wedding day, at the fabulous tigh-na-mara resort, was incredible. A joyful ride filled with heaps of love, delight, happiness, tears, celebration & silliness. And all of it flowed freely, shared by all, with wide open hearts shining in the warm summer sun. I found so much hope & promise wrapped upView full post »

brides sitting on a deck

anne & heidi

how’s this for a whole lot of lovely…View full post »

groom and bride with veil

brandi & steven

brandi & steven were married at the fabulous tigh na mara resort in parksville. They were both so at ease & totally ready for their big day. Supported by their powerhouse family & friends, with the sun shining brightly, a  sweet breeze blowing in off the ocean & heaps of fun & love in the air, they all created an incredible day. So much to celebrate. Brandi & steven, i had SO much fun following you through your wedding day. May all the sparkle, delight & love fromView full post »

groom and bride with birdcage veil

amanda & jared

amanda & jared walked into marriage, surrounded by their closest family & friends, with their uber-cute 2 year old son & a new baby on the way. Their day was as sweet as they are. Jared waited patiently for amanda to arrive (he’s used to it & she walked down the aisle to ‘waiting on a woman’) & their day unfolded with ease & a lot of laughter. These two know each other so well & the love they share was a joy to witness & be around. here’sView full post »