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2011 – celebration sessions & some moments in between

it’s an interesting exercise to look back through my photographic year & see which photos jump out at me now. It changes day to day, i’ve noticed. And if i were to do this post next week, i’m sure it would look very different. most often when i blog, i post with clients in mind… a selection of photos that will give them a taste of what we captured of their day, of our time together. And also what prospective clients may want to see – what photographs tell theView full post »

chelsea & nila

not all my sessions get blogged. Life gets full & busy & some pass by without my ever posting them. It has everything to do with time & nothing to do with how much i like the photographs. Here’s one that passed me by… a hot summer afternoon, at the playground with chelsea & nila. It feels lovely to have a warm hit of summer sunshine while i sit, wrapped up in wool, at my wintertime desk. very often my favourite photographs are the ones where no one’s looking atView full post »

intuition & resistance… or a morning with the freedman family

earlier in the fall i received an email. A family was coming to hornby all together to celebrate the holidays & wondered if i could possibly do a session with them all on dec.24th. I always say no to holiday jobs. I have kids & a big extended family & it’s a sweet time of year to take a break from all things work’ish. And yet, i said yes, i’d be happy to photograph them all when they were here. Intuition. fast forward to the 23rd… the rains come. It’sView full post »


a wee peek at wee carly. More with her mama & papa coming soon…View full post »

ian & jules & family

it’s always a gift to get to photograph friends. And i’ve had the great pleasure of having jules & ian in front of my camera a few times this year… when jules was 6 months pregnant (with twins), with the 2 of them & their sweet dog olive just a couple of weeks before beckett & opal made their grand entrance, & then early in september, when the sun was still shining, the water was warm & the evenings were still long & luscious, with ian’s mom &View full post »


she just melts me…View full post »

kesler james

my grandson, kesler james, 1 month old. And his beautiful mama, frannie, who i couldn’t be happier for or more proud of. Such wonder. Welcome to the world, little man.View full post »

happy birthday, grandpa

tess, discovering the wonder of candles & cake…View full post »

lauren, jeff & mr. mason

i had the very great pleasure of photographing lauren & jeff’s wedding last september. Lauren was 5 months pregnant then & they were so excited about their big day & that their baby was a part of it all. Unexpected delights. And here they are now… almost 10 months later, with mason just days from his 5 month welcome-to-the-world. A big bundle of love & fun. So many smiles & all that lovely chunka-chunka baby delight. Here’s a little look in at the paulView full post »

today 5pm

tess’ first paddle…View full post »

astrud melody martens – vancouver island newborn photographer

8 days old. With her very happy parents faith & brett. Welcome to the world, little one. And to the joys of parenthood, my friends.View full post »

waking up with eagles

just after tess woke from her afternoon nap today, she looked out the window & said “eagles”. I went outside to take a photo & just as i started snapping, one of the branches broke & they all flew off. Rural living has it’s perks.View full post »

simply sunday – one tin wall – vancouver

i’m a few days late with march’s simply sunday. Last week i was floored by a kidney infection & i’m only just coming up for air. Illness is such an amazing place for learning – i got to dip into letting go, surrendering, trusting & allowing. And i found a whole well of gratitude there. How’d i get so lucky?View full post »