facebook contest

i know, i’m a bit of a facebook slug. But i’m learning. It’s good for me to head into what i’m unsure of & slightly afraid of – the realm of social media. Oh my. So now there is a competition being put on by lovestruck bridal show in vancouver. There is only 1 prize & it’s a booth at their show in vancouver in october worth $1500. Very cool. The contest goes like this… we choose a photo we think best shows a moment of true love & then askView full post »

the beauty in grey

on the ferry to meet wedding clients. There is beauty everywhere.View full post »

waking up with eagles

just after tess woke from her afternoon nap today, she looked out the window & said “eagles”. I went outside to take a photo & just as i started snapping, one of the branches broke & they all flew off. Rural living has it’s perks.View full post »

simply sunday – one tin wall – vancouver

i’m a few days late with march’s simply sunday. Last week i was floored by a kidney infection & i’m only just coming up for air. Illness is such an amazing place for learning – i got to dip into letting go, surrendering, trusting & allowing. And i found a whole well of gratitude there. How’d i get so lucky?View full post »

iamaposer workshop – vancouver

last week i had the absolute pleasure of taking a 2-day photography workshop in vancouver by the uber talented erik clausen aka iamaposer. If you don’t know his work, do yourself a favour & check it out. We also had the great fortune of having sean flannigan attend as a guest speaker. I’ve been a huge fan of sean’s work for the last year or so & it was because he was coming to guest speak, that i signed up for erik’s workshop. Only because i hadn’t yet beenView full post »

a few favourites from 2010…

i’m a part of an online photography forum – great inspiration, great pro help, encouragement, fun. We were just asked to choose 3 favourite photos from 2010 & post them on our blog. How to choose? I’m sure if i had to do this once a week, my choices would change, depending on my mood, how quirky i was feeling, the feel of the light coming in my window. But for tonight, these are the 3 i chose… 2 sweet weddings & 1 of my favorites of 2 of my favorite people.View full post »

simply sunday – me & my girls

it isn’t often i’m on the other side of the camera. But when we were all in the dominican celebrating frannie & dan’s walk into marriage, marc clicked these 2 photos of me with each of my beautiful girls. Lucky me.View full post »

1 year ago – family

i’m still squeezing in some time to work through our photos from our trip to europe early last spring. I’m having a fabulous time looking back through the days. Photos are this amazing reminder of moments past – a way to relive the memories & hold them, fresh again, warm in our hearts. I’m amazed by how much i would forget if i didn’t have these visual reminders. here are a few frames from our last moments in belgium with marc’s family… all theView full post »

simply sunday

a taste of spring. sunshine. sand.View full post »

simply sunday

marc & tess. Her first snowfall. Wonder.View full post »

alex, dale, kaeden & tyler – vancouver island family photographer

today… kaeden did not stop moving, alex & dale were their usual easy-going selves, tyler was just sweet (as always), & we got snow. Lots of it. And so it was, & so it is reflected here. Enjoy…View full post »

tess – 9 months – where does the time go?

i am finally starting to work through the photos from our journey to europe last spring. Better late than never, i suppose. And i came across this little session, of tess & a dandelion, taken in marc’s mom’s backyard, on a sweet sunny day as we waited for news of our travels back home (remember the volcano?) Here’s a little of the sunshine…View full post »

jules – vancouver island maternity photographer

a little taste of the very lovely jules, busy making twins & so full of delight…View full post »

simply sunday – vancouver island photographer

my friend & fellow photographer chelsey – http://machcphotography.com/ – came up with this great idea to keep us blogging: simply sunday. A photo, or 2 or 3, posted each sunday for a year. Just that. Simple. And on sunday. Coined as simply sunday. So here’s my first shot at honouring this new found tradition (wish me luck in the weeks to come!)… tess & bunny. A little dreamy. A whole lot of sweet & yummy.View full post »

a few from today – comox valley family photographer

meet tereza, ryan & their little man mak. I had so much fun with them today. Here’s a little taste…View full post »

wedding highlights 2010 – vancouver island wedding photographer

most truly, one of the greatest gifts of my job is being given the honour of photographing couples walking into marriage. I am continually amazed by each couple’s open-hearted willingness to let me stand back & capture their wedding day unfolding – the moments of anticipation & wonder, of vows taken & given, family relationships & the kinship of dear friends, all the details, the celebration & fun, joy & honesty, the tears, laughter & love shared. AndView full post »

highlights 2010 – vancouver island family photographer

i love my job. And rooted in that, like a plant in soil, is my love of family. It’s what nourishes me, gives me strength, helps me grow, keeps me stable & grounded, connects me to me & what utterly delights me in my days. This love of family. Of this wonderfully eclectic group of folks who have found their way into my life, through birth & relationships, across countries & cultures, lives shared. We are a non-traditional bunch & the titles can get confusing ifView full post »