i am a documenter, a capturer, a lover of stories. It is the moments between the moments, the just-befores and just-afters, the unplanned truths and moments shared that feature in my photographs.

i would be honoured to capture yours.




wedding photography

i believe in marriage.

i believe in gathering loved ones around to witness our promises, to celebrate the love they are steeped in, and to hold them for years to come. There is a power in speaking our love out loud. And it is an honour and a gift to bare witness.

every wedding i photograph begins there.

i take a limited number of wedding commissions each year. Giving me lots of creative time and energy to focus on your wedding day, from the early planning stages to the design and delivery of your wedding book.

for information about wedding packages, please contact me here.


jennifer armstrong photography services people

whether you’re newly engaged
expecting a baby
a family on holiday
welcoming a newborn
loving this time in your own personal life
or gathering with friends

whether you’ve got great plans and a big group
or something sweet with just you

it’s a wonderful reason to capture
wonder and joy
connections and relationships
fleeting moments, passing glances
new growth, new arrivals, new beginnings
love shared

for every reason and no particular reason at all

because life is fleeting. Because beautiful photographs take us back and put a smile on our hearts like nothing else can. They are timeless treasures. Reminders of a life lived.