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Vancouver Island Wedding Photographer

victoria engagement | brennan & ian

so much love. so much laughter. such a beautiful connection, a wonderful relationship, an amazing journey. brennan & ian, thank you for sharing your evening with me – those last rays of sunshine, all your sparkle & enthusiasm. your joy is infectious. and i am so looking forward to your wedding in september. let the fun begin! “and still, after all this time, the sun has never said to the earth, “you owe me.” look what happens with love like that. it lights upView full post »

vancouver island lifestyle session

these guys crack me up. And they’re both truly fabulous people. And i miss them so much it actually hurts.View full post »

hornby island photographer ~ berkley ~

meet berkley… she just finished photography school last year. And she’s already shooting ad campaigns for the likes of sitka. And she’s as sweet as she is talented. And one day i’ll be able to say ‘i knew her when’. Check out her work here.View full post »

hornby island photographer ~ kelsey ~

a new friend. A fabulous photographer. A kick-ass jumper. you can check out her work here.View full post »


toothbrushing… june 2012View full post »

emmy & aaron

emmy & aaron are dear friends. And they will be wonderful parents. Their wee ones are due in january. And i’m oh so excited to see who is coming to share their days. They are also the dynamic duo behind e/a photography. You can see their beautiful work here. So i was honoured & a little nervous when they asked me to photograph this amazing time in their lives. Our afternoon together was a lovely mix of fun & silly, heartfelt & tender, honest & real, just like emmyView full post »

vancouver island newborn photographer

baby hayden

week 2 with baby hayden, his beautiful mama sharalin, & a little tess, too. So hoping we get to see you again at christmas. view full post hereView full post »

lea & andrew

when it comes to photographs, don’t be afraid of the rain. Sometimes that’s when magic happens. This happened saturday… lea & andrew, i am so excited for your wedding next year. It’s going to be amazing & a complete joy to photograph.View full post »

vancouver island newborn photographer

lives lived & lost – a day of thanks & remembrance

some days are big. Yesterday we gathered with friends & community to say goodbye to & celebrate the life of an amazing & dear friend & community member. Lots of tears, shared grief, the celebrating of an incredible life lived & lost, beautiful stories, pictures & food shared. The loss of arnie will change the weave of our community fabric forever. Some people are like that. And then a  gathering with my family in the late afternoon, my niece is here with her brand newView full post »

vancouver island home birth newborn photography

brand new

on wednesday september 26th, at 8:45am, after 36 hours of labour, my niece sharalin, with her man josh holding her, her mom, her sister & i & her amazing midwives supporting her, gave birth, at home, to baby hayden myles. Such wonder. Sharalin, your steadfast determination, your strength & grace, your trust, faith & willingness were inspiring to witness. You, my little bean, are amazing. And i thank you for sharing your journey with me. To you & josh & wee hayden, iView full post »

family & friends

i’ve been posting a lot of personal photos the last few weeks. I’m quickly closing in on my wedding season & soon will have very little time to focus on my own personal shooting. Although far from treeplanting, photography, at least in my world, still has some of the ebbs & flows of seasonal work that i know so well. in keeping with that, here’s a little wander through a day last week, spent with family down at our dear friends’ andrea & david & the homeView full post »

emmy – truth & beauty session

a dear friend, a personal challenge, a new discovery. And wrapped up within it all, i find a new session offering unfolding… and the words that keep coming to mind are ‘truth & beauty’. Celebrating the beauty of the truth of who we are, without the big hair & makeup, without fancy lighting, nothing added on, a few things taken away, a softness, a vulnerability, a part of ourselves shared. Truth & beauty. And emmy…View full post »

kind words

i received this email from silk the other day & thought i’d share… “jennifer, your photos of my pregnancy captured a very special moment in time, and turned it into art. Each image is like a window into the heart, illuminating all the love and excitement of that moment. Each is shot perfectly, intuitively, and edited so they burst with ripe, gorgeous summer light. They are simply exquisite, a treat for the eyes. I consider your photos a legacy of love and artistry for myView full post »

alex & travis

on sunday i traveled to alex & travis’ home in fanny bay. They are in the midst of a major reno, have had ben (their 3 month old & utterly gorgeous great dane) for only 3 weeks, & are just a week away from alex’s due date. And not a hint of stress anywhere. Truly, very inspiring. Wrapped in all of that was their ease & happiness for this new life beginning. And one of the sweetest connections i’ve had the joy to photograph. Many thanks to you both for sharingView full post »

sweet new love

i have had the absolute pleasure of photographing braea & eben’s walk into marriage, the fullness of their pregnancy just a few weeks ago, & on sunday, day 10 of sweet mclaren may’s arrival into the world. Such delight. All of it. The journey. Watching the love they share bloom into such an amazing little creation, such glorious delight, such wonder. To see them so full of love & affection for this new little being, this sweet soul come to share their days. And ours. ItView full post »

2011 – celebration sessions & some moments in between

it’s an interesting exercise to look back through my photographic year & see which photos jump out at me now. It changes day to day, i’ve noticed. And if i were to do this post next week, i’m sure it would look very different. most often when i blog, i post with clients in mind… a selection of photos that will give them a taste of what we captured of their day, of our time together. And also what prospective clients may want to see – what photographs tell theView full post »

frannie & dan

i am blessed to call her my daughter. Grateful she married an amazing man. So fortunate to now have a healthy, happy grandson. Thankful they’re both so patient with me – we photographed this lovely session in august, less than 2 weeks before baby k’s arrival. I love her more than i can say…View full post »


a wee peek at wee carly. More with her mama & papa coming soon…View full post »