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it’s an incredible gift to get to be a part of watching someone grow up. To have been given the opportunity to love & care for little people who weren’t born of my body but were certainly born in my heart & mind. Whose lives have helped shape mine & whose love has shone light in my darkest corners & made my bright spots a little brighter. And then to get to see them all grown up, in love with someone amazing, married & one day, one very special day, to watch them become a parent. A father. Dad. The feeling of full circle, of the interconnectedness of us all, of this journey we dance & stumble upon together, the birth & blooming of new love, well, it’s more than i can put to words. It’s big. And full. And most truly so-wonderfully-fabulous.

and so & so… a very warm welcome to mr. lenny valentine & heartfelt congratulations to his oh-so-happy parents, ryan & midori. Full hearts & so much love to you all.

& you can see ryan & midori’s sweet fernwood maternity session here. The evening before all this wonder…

victoria birth photographervictoria birth photographervictoria birth photographer