kind words

i received this email from silk the other day & thought i’d share…

“jennifer, your photos of my pregnancy captured a very special moment in time, and turned it into art. Each image is like a window into the heart, illuminating all the love and excitement of that moment. Each is shot perfectly, intuitively, and edited so they burst with ripe, gorgeous summer light. They are simply exquisite, a treat for the eyes. I consider your photos a legacy of love and artistry for my baby daughter to inherit. I can’t wait to share these images with her! Thank you thank you thank you, jennifer.”

blessings. Thank you, silk.

& because no post is complete without photos, here is a little wander back to summer, a couple of weeks before baby soleil’s arrival…

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  • Shawna

    superb! I especially love the ones on the bench!ReplyCancel

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