2011 – wedding moments

i can’t say favourites. Not even highlights. Simply a series of moments from the weddings i was blessed to witness & capture in 2011. Moments that caught my eye at the time of capture & that still hold my heart when i see them today. Moments that speak of a couple’s day, of their love & commitment to one another, of the joy & celebration around them, of their family & friends. Moments of delight & silliness, sweet intimacies, grace, humour &, above all else, love.

it is hard to express how deeply grateful i am to the couples who trust me to photograph their wedding day, their marriage. These are the moments that will live on with them through their lifetime, & hopefully will be passed down for their kids & grandchildren to wonder at. To say it is an honour is true. And not enough. But richer words fail me. To each & everyone of you, thank you, for opening your hearts & letting me in to witness the truth of your time together, these precious moments committing yourself to marriage. Thank you for your kindness, your ease, your happiness & wonder. And thank you for your trust.