i have had the absolute pleasure of photographing braea & eben’s walk into marriage, the fullness of their pregnancy just a few weeks ago, & on sunday, day 10 of sweet mclaren may’s arrival into the world. Such delight. All of it. The journey. Watching the love they share bloom into such an amazing little creation, such glorious delight, such wonder. To see them so full of love & affection for this new little being, this sweet soul come to share their days. And ours. It is moments like these that make me incredibly grateful for this blessed thing i call my job, for the gift of being invited into people’s lives, to capture some of their truth & love in photographs. A big heartfelt thank you to braea & eben, for all you have shared with me. And a big warm welcome to the world to your precious new peanut. Deep love & happiness to you all.

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  • I have tears and I don’t even know these three! This is the most beautiful newborn session i have ever seen. Amazing amazing work JenniferReplyCancel

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  • Oooh I absolutely love these. Real life, as they were in this moment in time. And then there were 3. My older kids love to see ‘what life was like’ when they were born … these are perfect <3ReplyCancel

it’s an interesting exercise to look back through my photographic year & see which photos jump out at me now. It changes day to day, i’ve noticed. And if i were to do this post next week, i’m sure it would look very different.

most often when i blog, i post with clients in mind… a selection of photos that will give them a taste of what we captured of their day, of our time together. And also what prospective clients may want to see – what photographs tell the story of how i work & what i capture. But this post is different. It’s full of moments from many of the celebration sessions i had last year – families, engagements, baby bumps & those newly born – as well as life with tess – but i’m not compiling it with anyone in mind. It’s simply a random selection of images that speak to me, for one reason or another, or for no reason at all, today.

thank you for stopping by & enjoy the ride…

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    what a beautiful recap. such an amazing year of so much love and life!
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not all my sessions get blogged. Life gets full & busy & some pass by without my ever posting them. It has everything to do with time & nothing to do with how much i like the photographs. Here’s one that passed me by… a hot summer afternoon, at the playground with chelsea & nila. It feels lovely to have a warm hit of summer sunshine while i sit, wrapped up in wool, at my wintertime desk.

very often my favourite photographs are the ones where no one’s looking at the camera. I love the honesty of candid shooting. The realness of relationships captured in photographs. Unplanned moments to remember as life changes oh-so-quickly within & around us…