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featured vendor

i’m honoured to be a featured vendor on uschi & kay, a beautiful canadian wedding blog. Gaelan’s blog features wedding celebrations from across the country with details & creative ideas ranging from simple, affordable DIY to extravagant high end & everyything in between. Bookmark her site, it’s fun to check into from time to time. I love checking out the other photographers she features. There’s a lot of great talent in this country. & pay no mind to theView full post »

thea & brian

thea & brian were married at the fabulous seabreeze lodge on hornby island. Thea spent her childhood summers on hornby at her family’s beautiful ocean front home (where she & her girls got ready) & she & brian wanted their wedding day to reflect her connection with the beauty & ease of hornby. And the folks at seabreeze are easy-going at it’s best & the site is gorgeous – sweeping lawns, a ceremony site by the ocean, sandstone beaches, gorgeous gardensView full post »

uschi & kay feature

so honoured to have michelle & lawrence’s amazing day featured on Uschi & Kay, one of canada’s premier wedding blogs. Stop by for a look & a read & maybe leave some love. And be sure to visit gaelan’s gorgeous blog from time to time… she features wonderful & creative all-canadian weddings & fabulous vendors from across the country. She’s got great style, wonderful taste & a great take on all things wedding.View full post »

rosie & sam

a sunny day in june. A very sweet couple deeply in love. A gathering of family & friends. A beautiful bluff overlooking the sea. Tears. And laughter. Great joy. Such a wedding celebration…View full post »

michelle & lawrence

friends, a sweet family, a fabulous community gathering, gorgeous sunshine, amazing do-it-yourself details, good food, great music, a first dance like no other, a wedding celebration honouring two wonderful creatives – michelle wilson of hornby island caravans (designer & builder of gorgeous custom made caravans) & lawrence nyberg of nyberg instuments (luthier extraordinaire, builder of fine art stringed instruments). After 10 years of unwedded bliss, a new journey into life asView full post »

uschi & kay feature

i am very honoured to have anna & andy’s beautiful wedding featured on Uschi & Kay, a gorgeous all-canadian wedding blog. I love what gaelan has to say about what drew her to feature their celebration – the fact that anna & andy focused not so much on the details of the day but rather on their love & commitment to one another & to their family & friends gathered with them. Please stop by her gorgeous site for a visit. You just might get hooked! (simply clickView full post »

2011 – wedding moments

i can’t say favourites. Not even highlights. Simply a series of moments from the weddings i was blessed to witness & capture in 2011. Moments that caught my eye at the time of capture & that still hold my heart when i see them today. Moments that speak of a couple’s day, of their love & commitment to one another, of the joy & celebration around them, of their family & friends. Moments of delight & silliness, sweet intimacies, grace, humour &, above allView full post »

featured on Style Me Pretty Canada

i am honoured & delighted to have keeley & chris’ gorgeous wedding featured on Style Me Pretty Canada. Style Me Pretty is one of the world’s best wedding blogs & they have featured weddings by photographers whose work i love & admire. Feeling pretty giddy about this. & because a post isn’t complete with a photograph… or a few… here are keeley & chris…View full post »

for the love of shoes…

for a girl who spends most of her days in flip flops or rubber boots, you might never know i have far too many pairs of high heels tucked away in my cupboard upstairs. Rural life doesn’t afford a lot of opportunity to strap them on. Life has it’s pros & cons. All this to say i do love shoes. Especially statement shoes – shoes with character & style, shoes with a voice. And i love what these wedding day shoes are saying…View full post »

jala & ken

i love weddings. Truly. I believe in them… in wholeheartedly committing ourselves to our partner, speaking our vows, our promises, our hopes, witnessed by our family & friends, & celebrating the love we all share in the hours around that. It’s such a meaningful time, when our hearts open wide & so much seems possible. I am deeply fortunate to get to do what i do… to capture so many of those amazing moments in photographs. jala & ken rented the big house nextView full post »

helena & josh

late summer wedding on hornby. Lots of local colour. Friends & family. The sun shone after days of rain. And it was a perfect day to celebrate love…View full post »

anna & andy

this was a very fun day. Truly. Anna & andy were both so at ease on their wedding day, delighted to simply be surrounded by their families & friends, at andy’s parents’ beautiful home in union bay, over looking the straight. The day kept threatening rain & the wind blew steadily in the early afternoon, but by the time they met at the aisle, everything had settled & all was calm & sweet. Much like the spirit of their day… a whole lot of sweet, heaps of loveView full post »

christiane & simon

so often words fall short when i try to describe a couple’s day. My experience of wandering through such a powerful, intimate & celebratory day with 2 people so deeply in love, surrounded by the support & caring of their family & friends & all wrapped within an environment that’s meaningful to them, is hard to express in words. And so it is today, as i post photos from christiane & simon’s amazing wedding. How to describe accurately the buzz, excitementView full post »

vicky & dan

vicky & dan were teaching in a remote town in china this last year. So all our contact before their big day was via the internet. I am increasingly more grateful for the www for connecting me with clients. It’s lovely to meet couples before their wedding day & engagement sessions are a fabulous way to connect more intimately beforehand. And there is also a special magic that can happen when we all just arrive & open up to sharing their incredible day together. And so it wasView full post »

christiane & simon

a little hit from christiane & simon’s amazing day. Many more to come…View full post »

keeley & chris

i’m thinking back on keeley & chris’ day. Searching for the words to describe how i witnessed their walk into marriage. And i’m finding it difficult to describe ‘magic’… that vibrant-amazing-something that happens sometimes when two people, their family & friends, gather to celebrate their love for & commitment to one another. It’s like wonder, delight, sparkle, calm, sweetness & heart-wide-open wonderment all rolled into one incredibleView full post »

keeley & chris

just beginning to work through the photos from keeley & chris’ amazing wedding & came across this series. And wanted to share…View full post »

anita & hayden

beautiful day, fabulous people, a heartfelt celebration filled with delight, laughter, sweet intimacies & rich love. Meet anita & hayden, their family & friends…View full post »

shawna & craig

shawna loves vintage. And photography. And hand crafted details. And craig & their kids, her family & friends. And craig loves shawna. And their kids. His family & friends. And they both love a lot of fun. And are steeped in a very deep & very real love & appreciation for one another & all they have together. Their wedding was a joy to witness & a heaps of fun to photograph. A taste from their beautiful day…View full post »

caeleen & carl

caeleen & carl walked into & through their wedding day with grace, humour & heartfelt appreciation – for their family gathered there, for the support of friends, for the love they share together. I have tremendous faith that these two have many years of deepening love & happiness together. And that the years will all be an amazing adventure. Hang on & enjoy the ride, you two…View full post »

kelly & dean

sometimes it’s hard to find the words to describe a day, a celebration, the people gathered. And so it is with kelly & dean. My writing won’t capture the richness of the moments of delight & wonder, the ease & grace of these 2 amazing people ‘finally’ (they said over & over) walking into marriage, of all the silliness & laughter, the lightness & fullness of the love shared by & with family & friends. What i can say, is how honoured i wasView full post »

laura & gerry – hornby island wedding photographer

laura & gerry were married at seabreeze lodge, happily surrounded by family & friends. Amazing venue run by great people, fabulous weather, good food, lots of laughs & a band that kept them dancing into the night. And laura & gerry moved through it all with grace & delight, with their hearts open & so much love for one another & all who came to celebrate with them. It was wonderful to watch, to capture, to walk through along with them…View full post »