8 days old. With her very happy parents faith & brett. Welcome to the world, little one. And to the joys of parenthood, my friends.

  • Alexandra


  • vicki gannon

    great session my friend. love them!ReplyCancel

  • My heart just melts. What a sweetheart! And was that a laugh there?! It looks as though it is! :) She’s just beautiful. What a great baby-family session! Wonderful, wonderful work!ReplyCancel

  • These are delicious! Love the mood & feel of this couple and sweet baby!ReplyCancel

  • Beautiful beautiful work. Lovin your B&W’sReplyCancel

  • So perfect and natural – I just love them!ReplyCancel

a walk to helliwell to celebrate – love, partnership, parenthood, commitment, creativity & the joy of being together. And some spring sunshine. Gifts. Thank you michelle & lawrence, for sharing your afternoon, your lovely selves, with us. Enjoy…

  • michelle

    Wow, we’ve gone from having no pictures of Lawrence and me together to THIS, what a gift! Thank you so much Jennifer for the invite, I was a little nervous about the whole thing but you made it fun and easy, you’re a wonder that way.ReplyCancel

  • vicki gannon

    beautiful couple. beautiful setting. GORGEOUS photos!! love em. LOVE YOU!!ReplyCancel

  • Susan

    Just BEAUTIFUL!ReplyCancel

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    Isn’t love grandReplyCancel

  • Rebecca Wellman

    Wow, look at you! So quick to post so many lovely images! Love the sun flare and the tilt shift :)

  • Andrea

    I can feel the warmth of that spring sun and the deep connection between these two lovely friends. What a gift you have Jennifer, thanks for sharing!ReplyCancel

  • LOVE that sun silhouette! All of these – just gorgeous … I swear you bring a sense of warmth & calm to everyone you meet :)ReplyCancel

  • What an amazing series of images……..love the connections you captured, they really tell a story. Well done.ReplyCancel

  • What a sweet session. Thanks for setting this up for us! I will have some photos up soon!ReplyCancel

  • Zsofin

    These are really great!ReplyCancel

  • such sweetness. you are a beautiful person, ya know.ReplyCancel

i know, i’m a bit of a facebook slug. But i’m learning. It’s good for me to head into what i’m unsure of & slightly afraid of – the realm of social media. Oh my. So now there is a competition being put on by lovestruck bridal show in vancouver. There is only 1 prize & it’s a booth at their show in vancouver in october worth $1500. Very cool. The contest goes like this… we choose a photo we think best shows a moment of true love & then ask friends, family members, clients, friends of friends, anyone, to go to these 2 facebook sites:  lovestruck bridal showreflection events, hit the ‘like’ link on their pages, & then scroll down to my photo/name (the one below) & ‘like’ it (& comment if you feel inspired). The person who’s photo gets the most number of votes from both pages wins. So, if you have a couple of minutes & feel inspired, i am very grateful for your efforts in helping me win. Friends, indeed. And if you’re really inspired, you could ask your facebook friends to do the same. The more, the merrier.

the photo is from willow & joe’s hornby wedding last summer. I didn’t pose this at all. I was changing lenses & asked them to just ‘stand over there & be together’, & when i looked up, this is what i saw. True love. Such an honour to walk through their day with them.

have a great weekend!

on the ferry to meet wedding clients. There is beauty everywhere.

  • vicki gannon

    love them!! great work my friend. a typical west coast day! see you friday!!ReplyCancel

  • I love this whole series. It really speaks to me. (Psst, pssst, I need to know more about the pp too ;) ) Been thinking about’cha & talking about’cha … are your ears ringing ;) looks like just the ferry ride that was needed.ReplyCancel

  • oh…i adore. reminds me of the ferry we used to take from WA to vancouver island.ReplyCancel

just after tess woke from her afternoon nap today, she looked out the window & said “eagles”. I went outside to take a photo & just as i started snapping, one of the branches broke & they all flew off. Rural living has it’s perks.

  • Daisy

    Although it’s not late summer
    I would cross the ocean to stand next to Tess
    watching the eagles
    and be thrilled as a childReplyCancel

  • I saw an eagle driving out to a photo session recently! Aren’t they just amazing? And does she have Uggs? Ohmy, she steals my heart even more! Big hugs!ReplyCancel