hornby island lifestyle maternity

hornby island lifestyle maternity session

i met emi at her lovely hornby home, & after a visit with the baby sheep & their mamas, we spent an afternoon slowly walking around helliwell. The kind of sweet, easy walking that often happens with women in late term. When a lie down in the grass or a sit by the cliff edge watching the fish swim by & looking for cactus is welcome & there’s no need to keep an eye on the clock. The sun got low in the sky, the air was warm & it was lovely to wander through this park so dear to emi & her late husband jordan. Lots of memories & precious places. And lots of space for newness & the awakening into a new life soon to be shared with soon-to-be-on-the-way sila mei. For those of us who know emi, the photo above says a lot… about her strength, her courage & her willingness to move forward with an open heart & so much grace.

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  • faith martens

    so stunning! amazing!ReplyCancel

  • Darshan Stevens

    There is something so incredibly touching about these photos. Something so sensitive, both in the subject, and in your way of capturing the subject.

    I feel like I went on a beautiful journey as I viewed the images, that I was given the gift of a glimpse into a unique and precious life.ReplyCancel

  • Josephine Fletcher

    It was a beautiful walk with Emi around Helliwell. So rare to accompany one so pregnant. It so reminds me of my own time as lady in waiting. I know Helliwell so well and this feels like it is a wonderful beginning supported by lovely people. Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful very intimate gentle walk.ReplyCancel

  • […] park, here on hornby island, she in full bloom awaiting the arrival of sila mei (you can see that session here). She made quite an entry. And has been out here in the world for just over a month now. […]ReplyCancel


hawaii destination wedding

hawaii destination wedding

From a sweet little island called hornby, nestled off the west coast of bc, to the amazing big island of hawaii, tamara & shannon & an ever growing gaggle of family & friends, left the rains of a west coast winter & landed, all smiles & sunshine, into pahoa to celebrate their walk into marriage. And what a celebration it was! When the day starts with the groom hacking up fresh coconuts to drink at a venue that is an actual palm sanctuary (literally 100s of different species of palms are planted & growing there) & where the getting-ready part of the day includes chilling out in a private 300’ lagoon on a property aptly named shangri’la, you know you’re in for an amazing, easy-going & most fabulous ride. Although it all seemed very magical, in some ways none of it was surprising… it was all a wonderful reflection of tamara & shannon, & who, what & how they love – their families & friends, good food & good times, shared in a place that is near & dear to their hearts. And so it was, that we all gathered to witness their vows, their promising of a life lived together, come what may, & we celebrated all of that, hornby-hawaii-style. All dressed in florals, flip-flops & sun kissed or sunburned. So much happiness, laughter & love, all of it deep, true & tender.

tamara & shannon, thank you. Thank you for the joy & honour of following you through your beautiful day, for welcoming us like family, for sharing your hearts so openly with us all. Your wedding day was nothing less than wondrous & i hope some of that wonder & delight shines through in these captures. Big heartfelt hugs & happiness to you both. xo

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maui hawaii destination wedding bride & groom romantic beach sunset

maui hawaii destination wedding

it was june when i received an email from jessica & nik. They were at the end of 6 months of traveling, hanging out in the salt flats in bolivia & searching for a wedding photographer with intermittent internet (at best) & no power at all (for days). All great for chilling out at the end of a long journey & a little challenging for online searching. And over continents & countries, through the magic of the www, they came across my website & well, as they say, the rest is history. I met jessica & nik & their intimate, & most fabulous, tribe of family & friends just outside of lahaina on maui. We spent our first day location scouting & finding some amazing places to go for portraits on their wedding day. That evening i came back to the beautiful Sky Dweller to document their last evening engaged with everyone hanging out at home. It was a sweet introduction for us all, a fabulous way to capture a lot of candid moments of the joy & anticipation of the wonder & magic still to come.

jessica & nik’s wedding day was as sweet, beautiful & easy going as the two of them. There was so much love & happiness in the air & it was an absolute delight to be swept up in it all. After the joy & tears of the i-do’s, jessica, nik & jessica’s fabulous maid-of-honour car-lee & i went cruising to the locations we’d found the day before. First north of lahaina for a walk through the jungle, up to the cliffs overlooking the ocean & then headed back south towards the beach. Part way through lahaina things changed. Traffic stopped. Not slowed, but stopped, completely. There had been a big accident on the 1 road highway & traffic was at a stand still. So what to do… well, get out of the car, leave car-lee on her own to find her way through, run to a back road & hitchhike, of course. Get a ride to the beach that was just down the road from where i was staying. And go for a walk, let the traffic drift away & capture these two sweet souls in the setting sun, celebrating the beauty & joy of being husband & wife. By the time it was getting dark, the traffic had cleared, 2 more hitched rides & we ended up back at their place on time. Sometimes what looks like a huge problem turns out to be a beautiful adventure. And jessica & nik are used to & up for adventuring, so all was fabulous & a whole lot of fun.

jessica & nik, may these photos capture even a taste of the love you both have dancing within & around you. May the joy & delight of your celebration, of your dear families & friends stay warm in your hearts & minds. It was most truly a joy & an honour to follow you through your walk into marriage. And for that, i am truly grateful. So much love & happiness to you both.

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  • Alexandra Lamont

    These are Amazing! I laughed and cried and was in awe as if I was there with each one!
    Thank you for sharing!ReplyCancel

  • Daisy Was

    So beautiful Jennifer!
    The light, the shadows, the colors, the environment, the people, the emotions …
    You captured it all so beautifully.
    Thank you for sharing the story in images & words.
    x, DaisyReplyCancel


sea breeze lodge fall wedding

sea breeze lodge fall wedding

stacie & adam love the outdoors. And their family & friends. And each other. So.Very.Deeply. And their decision to gather all of that together for their fall wedding at the beautiful sea breeze lodge on hornby island was as perfect as it gets. Everything was sweet & easy, gentle & fun & wonderfully funny. There were a lot of tears – heartfelt tears of the love shared, commitments made & the joy of all being together to celebrate the beginning of their new life as husband & wife.

they were nervous about having their photo taken… wondering if they’d look awkward in the pictures. All i witnessed was stacie & adam’s sincere joy & delight in being together, in having promised their lives to one another, to a future with more traveling, more adventures, certainly more fishing (with adam bringing home the big one… well, maybe even a little one will do), more time spent falling deeper in love. That’s what i see in the photos… stacie & adam & a slice of their beautiful love.

stacie & adam, thank you… for your willingness to be you, so fully, so openly. To allow me to tag along & capture a little of the love you share & a piece of your wedding day. Heaps of happiness to you both.

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  • Oooohhh!!! Gorgeous couple. Gorgeous light. Gorgeous photography!!!ReplyCancel

  • Emmy

    Holy Smokes gorgeous!!!!! So many amazing moments – her and her dad is just too much!! Love all the love that you caught in these images – beautiful heart felt work!ReplyCancel

  • Completely awesome from beginning to end!ReplyCancel