most truly, one of the greatest gifts of my job is being given the honour of photographing couples walking into marriage. I am continually amazed by each couple’s open-hearted willingness to let me stand back & capture their wedding day unfolding – the moments of anticipation & wonder, of vows taken & given, family relationships & the kinship of dear friends, all the details, the celebration & fun, joy & honesty, the tears, laughter & love shared. And always this incredible time with just the two of them, together, in those moments after promising their lives & hearts to one another, seeing the truth & beauty of the delight of union, of hope, of commitment & appreciation. I am so deeply appreciative of all of the couples who shared their wedding celebrations with me, who trusted me with their moments, their hearts’ delight. Such deep gratitude & so much love & happiness to you all.

here is a little of what i witnessed…

i love my job. And rooted in that, like a plant in soil, is my love of family. It’s what nourishes me, gives me strength, helps me grow, keeps me stable & grounded, connects me to me & what utterly delights me in my days. This love of family. Of this wonderfully eclectic group of folks who have found their way into my life, through birth & relationships, across countries & cultures, lives shared. We are a non-traditional bunch & the titles can get confusing if we’re ever forced to actually think about them (step-this & 2nd-that), but we don’t really. What we know, what i know, is we are family… kids, parents, cousins, siblings… brought together through love & commitment & the joy of getting to discover who we are together.

and i do love photographs. Always have, at least as long as i can remember. Those old faded polaroids & 3″x5″ b&ws that filled our family albums with the stories of those days. So what could be better than getting to spend my time hanging out with families, capturing their connections, moments & magic, love, laughter, sweet silliness & joy in photographs? We come in all shapes & sizes, with different colours & costumes & customs, but underneath all of that, like the underbelly of a iceberg, is the fullness of our sameness, our humanness, our love for one another & for our moments shared…

i am so very grateful to all the families who shared these moments with me in 2010. For your open hearts, your willingness & your fun. For all that you are, together. And for inviting me along on the ride. I look forward to seeing some of you again in 2011 – to witness the growth & changes, the wonder of aging, the shifts & delights of another year together.

here’s a taste of what we shared…

as the title suggests, i’m launching a new blog. And this is it. Welcome. And in good time, too… in time to welcome in a new year as we wander out of the last one. Which was a big one in our family – my son graduated from university, & as one of my daughters walked into marriage the other walked into toddler-hood. Milestones. I had a full busy year, with work & family life, & always trying to find that sweet spot of balance between the two. An on-going learning, i am discovering. I met the most amazing people in 2010, shared in very heartfelt wedding celebrations, hung out with families, many on their hornby holidays – some whom i have the pleasure of getting together with year after year & some delightful new faces – we had a trip to europe (photos to come) to introduce tess & i to marc’s extended family, & a trip to the dominican to celebrate frannie & dan’s wedding. Visits to vancouver & victoria, to friends & family, a beautiful summer with late afternoons & evenings spent on the beach watching the wonder & delight of tess discovering her world, another incredible hornby festival (photos to come) hanging out taking in fabulous music at olsen’s farm, & all of it filled with so much love, support & happiness that i wonder, how did i get so lucky? Blessings all.

so what to post first? I’ve been gathering together some highlights from 2010 & thought i’d start there. But then today happened. And tess had a lovely long soak in the kitchen sink. And it all looked so just right – our old cabin kitchen, the light from a rainy-day window, a sweet, soggy baby. So here’s a taste of tess as we sail into 2011. Thank you for stopping by!

  • Thank you Jen and Marc.
    Happy new year and greetings from Thailand.
    What a great photos of Tess by you. All the best to you and everyone in your family.
    Your Mom,your sister Linda, and Marc for example.
    I love your family.
    Take care
    Much love and

  • Jen, your new blog site is lovely….well done. What more can a grandma, or gaga as Tess says, say, we are blessed with another delightful granddaughter. Such a peach! Really like your new signature too. much love, yr maReplyCancel

  • Hi Jennifer
    thank you so much for sharing
    loving every minute
    sweet kisses and hugs for you, Marc and lovely Tess

  • bean:)

    So CUTE!! She’s getting so big!! Miss you all… lots of squishes and love <3ReplyCancel

  • love your new look!
    Oh how these photos of Tess melt me. I love that she has nothing on but her nakedness and necklace…and those expressions.
    Thanks for sharing!ReplyCancel

    • Jennifer

      hi jen
      thanks for stopping by & for your feedback. Nothing like a naked baby with a little hippy bling!

  • xoxo Gorgeous Jennifer!ReplyCancel

  • Beautiful words, beautiful images and a beautiful new blog. :)ReplyCancel

  • vicki gannon

    heh my friend, LOVE your new blog. looks amazing, just like you!!!ReplyCancel

  • evie

    Jen, your new website is so full of is a huge testament to what you capture photographically. I love all the smiling faces and laughter!fabulous!ReplyCancel